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Pension reforms continue through 2016-2018

A new NASRA resource provides detailed information about key changes made to public pension plans since 2016. The report extends the listing of statewide pension reforms presented in "Significant Reforms to State Retirement Systems," published in 2016. (See "Selected Approved Changes to Select State and Local Public Pensions" on Pension

Median public pension plan investment return assumption falls below 7.5 percent

Among 128 plans measured, more than 90 percent have reduced their investment return assumption since fiscal year 2010, resulting in an all-time low median investment return assumption of 7.29 percent. (Latest Investment Return Assumptions

Risk-sharing in public retirement plans

Nearly every state has enacted significant reforms to its pension plans in recent years, and for many plans, one outcome is that more risk has been shifted from employers to employees through use of plan designs such as variable contribution rates, variable benefits, and hybrid plans, among other features. "In-depth: Risk Sharing in Public Retirement Plans" describes broad risk sharing features established in one or more public retirement plans, as well as detailed case studies on systems whose plan designs include unique or notable risk sharing features.

Research Center

Public Fund Survey More than 85 percent of all state and local government pension assets and members in the U.S. are represented in the Public Fund Survey, which is maintained by NASRA. Survey data is taken primarily from retirement system annual financial reports, and also comes from actuarial valuations, benefits guides, and interviews with retirement system staff members. It is intended to promote sound public retirement system policies and administration by increasing transparency and understanding of the public retirement system community. The Summary of Findings for fiscal year 2017 is available here.

Roll Call   Capturing notable events and developments in public retirement systems from reports since 2005, Roll Call is a perennial highlight of the annual conference. Members can view the most recent report as well as see previous years; login and then access it here.

Public Plans Data Individual and aggregated data on 150 state and local pension plans. Joint venture of The Center for State and Local Government Excellence, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, and NASRA. Read the press release; access the database.

Retirement System Data Access the latest market values of assets, active members, and annuitants for over 140 state and local retirement systems here.

Member Survey Results NASRA member surveys cover a wide range of issues pertaining to retirement plan administration and policy. Survey results are available to NASRA members. Login and then access results, organized by topic, here.

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