National Association of State Retirement Administrators

Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Other post-employment benefits (OPEB) refers to the benefits, other than pensions, that a state or local government employee receives as part of his or her package of retirement benefits. Typically retiree medical insurance is the most significant OPEB offering, though other benefits such as life insurance are also covered by this umbrella term.


GASB Statements No. 74 and 75

In June 2015 GASB approved two new statements applicable to OPEB plans and participating governments. Statements No. 74 and 75 will replace No. 43 and 45 and make changes to the financial reporting framework for OPEB plans, including the reporting of a net OPEB liability (or a proportionate share of the net OPEB liability, if a sponsoring government). The new statements also require more extensive disclosures and required supplementary information including reporting the effects of changes in assumptions on the net OPEB liability and a schedule of a government's OPEB contributions compared to the contributions required.

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