National Association of State Retirement Administrators


Executive Committee

Sandy Matheson (ME), President (bio)
Gail Stone (AR), President-Elect
Jim Potvin (GA) , First Vice President
Don Drum (ID), Second Vice President
Robert A. Wylie (SD), Immediate Past President

Regional Vice Presidents

Frank Karpinski (RI) - Region I
Trish Bishop (VA) - Region II
Steve Russo (IN) - Region III
Brian Guthrie (TX) - Region IV
Dan Andersen (UT) - Region V

Associate Advisory Committee

Joe Hernandez, Chair (Goldman Sachs Asset Management) - 2020*
Katherine Martin, Vice Chair (LordAbbett) - 2018*
John Garrett (Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting) – 2020*
David Kausch (Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company) - 2019*
Bob Klausner (Klausner & Kaufman, P.A.) - 2020*
Nicholas Stanojev (BNY Mellon Investment Management) - 2019*
Jim Kelly (Morneau Shepell) - 2018*
Robert Schultze (ICMA-RC) - 2019*
Julie Skedd (Baillie Gifford) - 2018*

* Year term expires

Typically, the path for a retirement administrator to become NASRA president begins by being elected by his or her region (see map) and serving one, or more, two-year terms as a regional vice president. Then he or she is elected by the full membership to one-year terms as second vice president, first vice president, and president-elect, respectively.

Elected in 1956, W. Frank DeLamar was NASRA's first president. Mr. DeLamar was also the inaugural director of the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia, which was created by act of the 1949 General Assembly.

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